Althea & Donna–Upton Top Ranking

Althea & Donna–Upton Top Ranking.

24 thoughts on “Althea & Donna–Upton Top Ranking

  1. We named our cats *Althea* and *Donna* and it occurs to me that many people might not be familiar with *the* Althea and Donna. Here we are then: (incidentally, that caption from YouTube should by ‘Up Town’ rather than ‘Upton’…)

  2. rubbish, this is how reggae got ruined, pop rubbish. The wailers were a force of their own. Top ranking by marley is a much better song both musically and lyrically.

  3. @t0mme1981 Mate I don’t watch the XFactor – nor for that matter any similar dross or reality shite – so I’ve hardly been fooled by any of it. I still live in the 70’s – and really happy to do so. 😉

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