Althea & Donna–Upton Top Ranking

Althea & Donna–Upton Top Ranking.

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24 Responses to Althea & Donna–Upton Top Ranking

  1. Joe Leigh-Corrigan says:

    Me tell yah bout dem. 

  2. TheBlankpaiges says:

    They’re adorable and this song is bumpin

  3. Martin Harris says:

    If there’s ever an SEO song, surely it’s this? Althea & Donna–Upton Top Ranking #SEO

  4. David Jones says:

    We named our cats *Althea* and *Donna* and it occurs to me that many people might not be familiar with *the* Althea and Donna. Here we are then: (incidentally, that caption from YouTube should by ‘Up Town’ rather than ‘Upton’…)

  5. Clive Westfield says:


  6. Jena Honeysnow says:

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ross Highet says:

    takes me back #retro 

  8. rik winckelmans says:

    Love your music girlz 

  9. Ma Moon says:

    still fab after all these years …

  10. Sandra Tilmon says:

    Yet again, listening to this song on repeat.

  11. Tom Spencer says:

    Quite brilliantly preformed by happy people having a happy time. Timeless!

  12. Paul Clews says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  13. Robert Pisarek says:

    rubbish, this is how reggae got ruined, pop rubbish. The wailers were a force of their own. Top ranking by marley is a much better song both musically and lyrically.

  14. Charles Stuart says:

    This is poetry…innit!

  15. RussRubens says:

    @northbanksy PMSL Class………

  16. britturk123 says:

    AHHHHHHHHHHHH what memmories.A time when music was fun and not a bloody nightmare.

  17. m6jdb says:

    Deidre Barlows long lost daughter

  18. spadge321 says:

    dey cant dance or sing ting,, pair of twats ting

  19. missjadiie2010 says:

    whats that song called that uses the same backing track

  20. Jane Ilsley says:

    this performance is fucking crap

  21. probmxmel says:

    big BIG TUNE!!!!!

  22. stormin300 says:

    @hnm3000 Ya man, me a Doctor, I prescribe two beautiful Jamican Girls and one fat spliff.

  23. Barry Allen says:

    @t0mme1981 Mate I don’t watch the XFactor – nor for that matter any similar dross or reality shite – so I’ve hardly been fooled by any of it. I still live in the 70’s – and really happy to do so. 😉

  24. Walt Jabsco says:

    @Nw06051 HA! I see what you mean mate. They Are enjoyin it so much better when they are stoned.

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