Amazing Google Glasses Demonstration at Google I/O 2012

Google Glasses Live Demonstration – During the Google I/O 2012 keynote, the audience was about to experience an amazing demonstration of Google Glasses
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25 Responses to Amazing Google Glasses Demonstration at Google I/O 2012

  1. MrShadowFRZ says:

    Over 9000, obviously.

  2. waterfirestorm says:

    kennly xd 

  3. Chris Adams says:

    google mastered the art of taking pictures hands free

  4. thegeckoproduction says:

    1 yr from. Apple with

  5. Ettertube says:

    yay something else to distract us while we’re walking and tripping into fountains : )

  6. 19Bill94 says:

    You are one of the idiots that calls Apple expensive right? This is a fucking pair of glasses with a camera in it. For 1500$. All these features are old, nobody just put them in glasses yet because NOBODY wants a fucking pair of glasses that has a computer in it.

  7. natyop1 says:


  8. fatbadboy329 says:

    ifanboy just can’t stand for something which could smash everything else….hehe

  9. Christian V says:


  10. constantin23454 says:

    No, this will be better

  11. Hassan Al Hussaini says:

    Actually ‘envocking’ is right. co-operations try to make useless things cheaper & more accessible. The TV, food, medical, music, movie, gaming & tech industry are just creating opportunities to sell their products no matter what the consequences are. They focus on cheaper & hipper or more attractive than better & healthier products. The net or lets be more specific YouTube could be one of the greatest tools for education but they rarely appear even in the home or top recommended videos.

  12. chaos1267 says:

    now just make it look like the solid eye

  13. Alaron251 says:

    ‘amazing’? It’s a camera. In glasses.

  14. SuperWinning2012 says:

    we already got pov porn that’s good enough

  15. Japaniia says:

    you are inventing a new generation of introverts. You arent even going to ask librarians were the book sections are? wow looks like the next generation will become quite lazy. You are not even aware of your surroundings with those things.

  16. Japaniia says:

    We are going to create a new generation of introverts…woah the future is looking terrifying…

  17. dethanielDaniel says:

    that guy has stage fright i think

  18. DocBerezhnoy says:

    people will begin to live in a pseudo reality and the more instant information they get the more their convictions of reality will diminish. If the internet will start to be such a big part of our lives, then it will practically control the way to react to what is really real. As a human, I’d rather read, study, and converse with a real person who has real experience in life to show me how to live.

  19. Gadzuth says:

    When you have the power to see what someone else sees…

  20. felixthemaster1 says:

    you havent heard of POV porn?

  21. LDYKGODLA says:

    Yes, this all very good. BUT, can it tell me the power levels of my enemies?

  22. Chooseaname2012 says:

    that thing is ugly as fuck! they need to make it transparent of a contact of something lol

  23. mcufre says:

    She excites me in other ways 😉

  24. mcufre says:

    reddit creep section is salivating at the prospect XD

  25. whasgwanin says:

    What I wanted: A hands-on demonstration of google glass (including its gui, functionality etc..). What I got: A shit load of baby photos and some skydivers. Thanks Google!

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