Amazing People Compilation – Amazing skill and Talent in HD 2012

Compilation of some amazing people and their talents and skills! Visit my Photography page :

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21 Responses to Amazing People Compilation – Amazing skill and Talent in HD 2012

  1. BashGuevara says:

    @Karlsonas17 really ?! well go and fuck ur self then little cunt

  2. BashGuevara says:

    Piano guy o_O thats what i call Talent !

  3. Shae P says:

    this was tight.. could’ve done without eyebrow girl who is cool but I’ve gotten tired of

  4. sackboy1281 says:

    at 10:15 ..its sarah! from the kid band ‘Larger than life’ 😀

  5. alex troche says:

    classy beer pong.

  6. yousef abd el azem says:


  7. B3aSt2B3aSt says:

    ok, soccer guy was cool the 1st time, maybe the 2nd. but after 5 minutes of it it gets pretty old…

  8. triggamanful says:

    i definitely Njoy’d this video

  9. Timothy Davis says:


  10. Karlsonas17 says:

    This was the worst compilation I’ve seen on youtube ever.

  11. cheng jicak says:

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  12. umar adnan says:

    Amazing People Compilation

  13. Sillylaura12345 says:

    10:23 anyone seen this on kids react

  14. Ecwnun says:

    I almost had a heart attack about 3 times in this video

  15. Jacqueline Tan says:

    first song is who dat girl by florida and second its all i do is win by DJ khaled

  16. asianinvasion264 says:

    Ms Heart Attack <3333

  17. Elisha Chalise says:

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  18. clowntrooper61 says:

    how does he do that 08:39

  19. TheFullforce01 says:

    and the singer

  20. TheFullforce01 says:

    what song?

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