Amazon buying Twitch shows e-sports here to stay

Amazon buying Twitch shows e-sports here to stay
And that point was driven home last week when web giant Amazon reached a roughly $ 1 billion deal to buy Twitch, the most popular website for watching people play games. The deal for Twitch is the latest sign of how types of behavior that seem on the …
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5 Of The Most Popular YouTube Celebrities
It's no secret that YouTube, which is owned by Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL), has become one of the most popular social media websites on the Internet. For some of the people who create the content that fills its pages, their efforts lead to fame and fortune …
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Twitter's new onboarding flow still ignores what makes it such a special place
This week, Twitter rolled out an overhauled onboarding experience for new users of the social network. We previously ran the old one through its paces and thought that the experience showed why the company is struggling to grow, but does this new one …
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