American Aquarium

American Aquarium
Event on 2013-04-16 20:30:00

Supporting Acts: Robby Peoples

American Aquarium

Hailing from Raleigh, NC, American Aquarium's southern musical perspective is a blend of honest songwriting, an unwavering work ethic, and a genuine love of rock & roll. Whether you call it alt-country, Americana, or roots rock, one thing is for certain: Their music is a fresh voice that borrows from many forms of the American songbook. 25-year old songwriter and band leader, BJ Barham, brings songs to the five other band mates who breathe life into a performance that is equal parts Springsteen-esque rock bravado, old-school country lyrical heartbreak, and indie-rock introspection. From the college coeds to tattooed bikers and hipsters, the band has demonstrated their ability to cross boundaries. With 4 years, 4 albums, and over 600 shows under their belts, American Aquarium is the continuance of the road warrior meets studio craftsman ethic that has long been a part of the rock & roll and country music cultures. They are a band and crew that spend their lives between a van with no air-conditioning and stages all across the country. Their collaboration forms a wholly new and polished version of what Americana might start to look like in the years to come. "This album undoubtedly represents a turning point in American Aquarium’s career and firmly places the band on the same ground as the giants of their genre. Burn. Flicker. Die. is one of the truest rock and roll records of the year.” []

at Moes BBQ and Bowling
3295 Broadway
Englewood, United States

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