American Couple Trapped in Qatar

American couple Grace and Matthew Huang feel trapped and abandoned by the U.S. government as they await a possible death sentence following the death of their daughter in the oil-rich country…

20 thoughts on “American Couple Trapped in Qatar

  1. I have reviewed a lot of the comments on this video. I thought about this a lot. so here goes: 1. They should not have gone to Qatar with young children, plenty of jobs elsewhere so why take the risk of a foreign place 2. The video doesn’t give enough information about how the girl died & how it was determined that the girl died. 3. Qatar as a people don’t understand adoption, so the assumption is that there was not a deep loving bond for the children 4. In Qatar, it would be considered very strange that Asian parents adopted African children The judicial outcome may have been different if the children were also Asian 5. A judicial outcome of 3 years in jail for murdering a child seems really low I think this means that multiple people were trying to determine the punishment and they had extremely different opinions. So a compromise was reached to give a short sentence just in case they were innocent I am assuming in Qatar the accused is considered guilty until proven innocent, that is the ancient way courts were done

  2. WOW! The White Liberal & Asian privilege in this video is shocking, to say the Arabs have no word for adoption & don’t have multiculturalism or mixed families is racist & ignorant & for people to assume that Qatar’s police are as corrupt as American police is racist & ignorant.

  3. when are non Islamic people EVER gonna learn to STAY OUT of Islamic nations ??? it’s not like the huge amount of muslim-nation disaster stories concerning tourist are a secret

  4. If its not white folks killing our children rather her or abroad, now you have Asians getting in on hunt. What’s wrong with you people? Remember your day will come when you have to meet your higher power

  5. the fucking old ass host was fucosed to show how bad qatar is instead of ask those motherfucker why they killed this innocent girl 

  6. stupid asian americans you guys starved innocent kid to death and you want to run the country so you can escape justice what a piece shit

  7. They need to be brought back to the US and given a fair trial. If the child really had health issues there should be medical records to document this. They should be given a chance to prove their case. Although at this point I am also suspicious of their intentions. This isn’t the first time in American History something like this has happened. Except it was for the insurance money not organs. People are evil and I don’t put anything past them… but I still believe that all are innocent until Proven guilty without a reasonable doubt.

  8. Matthew and Grace, we will begin a prayer campaign and will be praying for you each. day between now and November 30. The goal is for you to be reunited with your sons. God bless you both

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