America's not in decline — it's on the rise

America's not in decline — it's on the rise
The Guardian's Timothy Garton Ash wrote that “the erosion of American power is happening faster than most of us predicted — while the politicians in Washington behave like rutting stags with locked antlers.” And the financial Web site MarketWatch …
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Tribe leads charge to scrap Redskins name
Eagles top Redskins in Chip Kelly's NFL coaching debut. Last winter, a … Energized by the small victory in Cooperstown, Halbritter quickly pivoted to the much larger battle over the Washington Redskins' name by creating a Web site (changethemascot …
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W/R REPORT: 'Psychologist' weighs in, and not a moment too soon
However, it's possible those hints, on this newspaper's web site, that 31-year-old Kristopher H. Bilbrey might be a patsy who “knew too much” about Walmart and had to be silenced should be taken with the proverbial grain of salt, given that they are …
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