Amit Goswami, Quantum Physics & Consciousness 1 of 3

Amit Goswami, Ph.D ON Quantum Physics & Consciousness, Why do we all feel separate. Amit Goswami’s blog is located here: His new movie, which is being directed by BlueDotProductions is located here
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18 thoughts on “Amit Goswami, Quantum Physics & Consciousness 1 of 3

  1. the true racists are the jews who hold themselves up as “chosen” ones. Yet I am called antisemite for simply pointing out their true nature. You can’t be a jew without being a racist because racist is the definition of a jew. And the god they created, that I bitchslap regularly. 

  2. Religion WAS a form of early science. This is the only reason ALL early civilizations worshiped some kind of god (or usually gods). It was our previous best attempts to understand the world, without first forming a SOLID basis for that understand. So, we got many nonsense answers (ghosts, spirits, gods, souls, witches, demons, etc…) that still persist to this day. Eastern religions and new age religions are NO EXCEPTION (even though they want to think of themselves as superior).

  3. EXACTLY my point. However, if we are to be honest with ourselves, we must admit that science and honest inquiry does a much better job of determining truth than any other known method. The reason for that is simple, science is based on evidence and rigorous proof. Other methods were our previous attempts to do what science now does. The fact that we STILL keep these less reliable methods is only a testament to how people fear change, even when that change is good for them.

  4. “human knowledge” exactly how much knowledge does the human mind hold about the whole universe? “I didn’t claim to know ABSOLUTE truth” actually, you did… “only ONE correct answer” “Your claims are based on nothing but your arrogance and logical fallacies that appeal to authority and tradition.” explain.

  5. There are different subscriptions within the field of science it seems. We have these athiests who choose not to decide, and deny their own consciousness as they simultaneously deny god, who are not capable of pondering quantum anything not to mention consciousness. Perhaps the “primordial ooze” they evolved from wasn’t hiccupy enough. 🙂 (I love exploiting evolutionists most embarassing moment – sorry)

  6. “you fear god, why” WTF??? I never said anything of the sort. “… atheist will make all these claims yet always fail to back them up.” In fact, I have made no claims. I have only stated facts. It is up to the person making claims about absolutes to prove those claims and define the terms used. Thus far, “infinity” and “love” have not been defined. And “change” ceases to exist in spacetime.

  7. Because I didn’t claim to know ABSOLUTE truth, you did. That is what makes you arrogant. My claims are based on rigorous mathematical limits of human knowledge. Your claims are based on nothing but your arrogance and logical fallacies that appeal to authority and tradition.

  8. You got the attitude of a fear driven “global warming” alarmist. What is creepy is you seem to think western smart people should stop “consuming”. So why not let it right out, I know one thing, weirdly, it’s the dumber of us that finished college, intelligent people don’t put up with the bullshit they dish out. That’s why I dropped out of college at age 16. My mom moved into my basement too. lol. Screw this imposter country called USA, I am for liberty, freedom and justice,= not the USA.

  9. lol love is different things to different people? explain. infinity is bullshit? explain. change is an illusion? explain. funny how atheist will make all these claims yet always fail to back them up. you fear god, why?

  10. And I did not say infinity is bullshit. I said infinity is BULLSHIT NONSENSE. Not just bullshit. I JUSTIFIED calling it bullshit by calling it nonsense. The QUESTION you SHOULD have asked, if you were the least bit curious, is WHY is infinity nonsense. At which point, I would ask you to define it (which you will be unable to do).

  11. For example, you say “take care and peace”. Why??? Have you EVER REALLY thought about it??? No. You’ve given it SUPERFICIAL thought, and come to conclusions YOU think are reasonable, but in fact, they are not. These ideas are STEEPED in religious dogmas and mindless traditions. So, WHAT do you really mean by these words? Am I to assume that if you don’t say these words you would like me to get in a car accident and go to war with me??? Because THAT is exactly what you are implying.

  12. Look, kid, I am so far beyond your understanding it would take you 10 lifetimes to understand my knowledge and reasoning. You are just another ignorant youtuber that accepts arguments from authority, without even understanding what it is you are accepting. Your mindless mantras, traditions, and dogmatic religious beliefs mean NOTHING in the face of EVIDENCE and FACTS.

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