Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are

Body language affects how others see us, but it may also change how we see ourselves. Social psychologist Amy Cuddy shows how “power posing” — standing in a…

21 thoughts on “Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are

  1. Obviously I am sharing my hallucination with somebody else. Thanks a lot^^ Being in a minority of one does not make you insane, Orwell says, but we are already two 😀 My god.

  2. THis is very true and I believe, this would make many people stressed. I was not saying I thought it weird of her to be stresed, i meant to say that it seems strange as she talks explicitly about how to “fake it til you become it” – meant to be applied in situations that would stress people. So I am starting with higher expectations. If she says it is about seeming more self – certain than you are,I expect more, than if she was just talking about anything else.It was the topic plus her behaviour

  3. Obviously. As you resist answering to what I really said and keep talking about pogo sticks. Enjoy your sexual fantasies. I see I was right – it is no use talking to you. I am not saying, you can´t have these associations – EVEN with this video (although they seem to be fascinatingly changing)^^ but we are obviously not interested in talking about the same thing. No porblemo. Go to your favourite porno show and enjoy yourself. Kind regards

  4. Haha I think she’s got good ideas… I mean this sort of talk you have to be… Inviting isn’t the word I’m looking for… Accessible? Not powerful so much. She almost lost it there at the end tho… The crazy eyes came out. On a more serious note I would have loved to hear more about the gender issues there. I find that fascinating.

  5. Without following the ongoing debate here… Big schnoz, big breaths. Running around? I didn’t see “running around.” Good public speakers don’t generally stand still. High-pitched voice: a lot of women have one. The upshot for me is try it. If it works, great. If not, you can blame it on her make up. Either way, you win so be happy with that.

  6. I also noticed the breathing and the ‘running’ about amongst other things. I think it was more noticeable because this was her topic. Immediately, people will naturally expect more from her as an example and be slightly less forgiving concerning her ‘mistakes’ due to her area of ‘expertise’. In other words, practicing what is preached and walking the talk so to speak.

  7. She’s talking deeply personal stuff about herself, like her accident, her drop in IQ, her not feeling validated that she should be where she was. Emotional stuff. During a ‘normal’ situation, don’t you think she would be assertive? Check out some of her other vids, where she doesn’t have to tell her personal history… Just search any other Amy Cuddy video on Youtube.

  8. You’re right, honey. Why should we try to base our opinions in reality when we could just say any goofy old thing and call it “differing view points”? I now believe that Amy Cuddy is sucking baby pandas through a straw while shoving a pogo stick up her vagina, all the while playing the accordian with her left toe. No, I’m not batshit insane, I just have a “different view” of the situation. That was fun. But yeah, you’re right. This discussion is over.

  9. Darling, if we don´t agree, that it is possible to view things differently without being differnetly intelligent, we really HAVE to stop this discussion. Different people have different opinions and that does NOT necessarily reflect their different health – of – mind – status. Funny by the way, that you guess, I am hallucinating while you are correct. Just saying

  10. Ok. We could put it down to different views, but your view makes it seem like you’re hallucinating. After all, what if I said “it looks to me like she’s fucking a duck.” Sure, I guess I’m entitled to that “view”, but isn’t that a little absurd?

  11. SO: What about just putting it down to different views of the world!? I would presume, I am able to comprehend the difference between Walking and running, as my second subject at University is Anglistics. I see it as running around hysterically, what she does, you view it as the casual nstroll, a good orator will take on the stage. What about just keeping it there and not talk about it anymore? People are differmnet! Sorry about my grammar and stuff, I am drunk temporarily.

  12. I guess? But I’m pretty sure most people who comprehend the English language can distinguish universally between “running” and “walking”. In any case, using her actions to discredit the content of her discussions seems like quibbling to me, so I’m not sure what the point of your original comment was anyway.

  13. Look, if you did not see, what I saw, maybe we are just of different opinion. It happens. You know, being able to understand what another means is NOT equivalent to sharing their opinion, so I will – for the sake of the argument – give you one talk, which I think is excellent. You may see, that I am by no means just mad about finding mistakes, where there are none. “The Art of Stress-Free-Productivity” -also TED. Perhaps it appeals to you too. If so, look at the difference of their behaviour.

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