Amy Winehouse – Rehab (Yahoo! New Now)

Amy Winehouse - Rehab (Yahoo! New Now)

Amy Winehouse At The BBC – Out Now Buy It Now Also available on Amazon The estate of Amy Winehouse is donating the record royalties it receives from the sale of this box set to the Amy Winehouse Foundation. Music video by Amy Winehouse performing Rehab. (C) 2007 Universal Records a division of UMG Recordings Inc.

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22 Responses to Amy Winehouse – Rehab (Yahoo! New Now)

  1. Bryan Draughn says:

    Y’all tryin to use words….her voice speaks for itself.

  2. ancutsa18 says:

    She DID.3 times,more exactly. Now what are you gonna say ?…

  3. ancutsa18 says:

    Shut the fuck up,you wanker !

  4. ILoveAmyJWinehouse says:


  5. antonio morales says:


  6. Jackson Parker says:

    She was extremely fake.

  7. Riesya Indatrya says:

    Amy ! we all miss you somuch :( <3 <3

  8. Jose Chan KS says:

    Real talent just need a guitar or piano to create magic on stage.Btw why she looks a bit angry here?

  9. Dominika Grochowska says:


  10. Eduardo Mendez Santiago says:

    i still remember the day when i heard she died. I was at work, i really tought she would rehab, lately i saw her (on TV) very well, I cried, wherever she is, i hope she is happy now.

  11. hugo solssa says:

    -Saudades dela 

  12. Heather Evans says:

    i miss her :(

  13. Yourlullabytonight says:

    she shut have went to rehab lol

  14. a7763516390 says:


  15. Justin Walter says:

    i honestly didnt know who she was until her death.

  16. CROWSNAKE420 says:

    they told me to go to rehab, I said no no no now I’m in the graveyard, I say yeah,yeah,yeah

  17. randy orten says:

    Love it .. like it…want it,..

  18. maszlagma says:

    Beautiful…. but how come at one shot she sits cross-legged and then in the next one she sits with legs apart? Did she have to sing it two times to get the two different angles? No wonder she looks bored here.

  19. TheCindyreeder says:

    Poor Amy. Can everyone not see that shes so very lost and looking or a hand – I feel for her daddy

  20. zoebos100 says:

    amy was talented young woman with a lot of strugles not just drugs her bigger issue ws being bipolar .. wich had taken the best of her in the end… rip amy <3

  21. Leonardo Navarrete R says:


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