Amy Winehouse – You Know I’m No Good (live)

live for Yahoo!
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20 thoughts on “Amy Winehouse – You Know I’m No Good (live)

  1. You know there are many way’s to look at Amy’s situation..but the first thing people should look at is this precious women was only human..only human.. as far as her having all this control over her artistic furture was …well just listen to her can you possibily try to stop this kind of let it go with that ,this kind of talent has never been seen before..its like trying to tell frank sinatra what to do…not happening..remember only human

  2. watching this (and other AW live clips) gives me the chills…this is John Coltrane, Miles Davis, ‘Papa’ Jo Jones, Count Basie, Picasso, Rembrandt…undeniable natural talent; her talent was the real deal.

  3. You know we need to stop judging this women..who’s fault, she knew, her responsibilty she threw it all away , just a drunk, just a addict. .how about just a human being , just a person , only flesh and blood,..besides she gave much more than she ever took… its time to stop now , its time to stop..

  4. If you love Amy ,but of course you do ..and you truly love words , go to my site ,there you will find poems written just for our precious Amy..just hit the blank photo to the left these poems are deep,sad, and true and will place a stillness ever so sweet in your will not be disapointed ,I promise

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