An entrepreneur’s views on Kenya’s business prospects

An entrepreneur's views on Kenya's business prospects As business continues to pick up after the conclusion of the March 4th polls, businessmen are optimistic of the prospects, and this spel…

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4 Responses to An entrepreneur’s views on Kenya’s business prospects

  1. walexia says:

    I agree with Mr. Chandaria on the privatization of Kenya power.We badly need professional help to ensure that kenya performs at the level it is supposed to.Kenya has great potential; but without professional help, we cannot realise it.We NEED a change in the development culture in kenya ,we are moving too slowly because alot of people are too comfortable with where we are .We cannot develop if we have short sighted and lethargic people.We people who both seek and want improvement.

  2. ast0nv8 says:

    The Warren Buffet of Kenya he understands what is needed to reform this country and bring about economic prosperity…

  3. scratchaholiks says:

    A sight to be seen someone who actually acquired his wealth legitimately! Well said Mr. Chandaria 

  4. polopiach says:

    Hon Uhuru and Ruto…it’s my hope that you will work.this country needs to get goint asap

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