An Inside Look at Google

I’ve represented Google at many events for women in engineering, and I’m always asked the same thing: “What’s it like to work there?” I certainly don’t mind …

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25 Responses to An Inside Look at Google

  1. 730ize says:

    sergey shud get Lauren Baptist, shes hot like hot!

  2. Kleptomatic Senior says:

    Fucking horse mouth

  3. ajarnfrankie says:

    – Google…the web-based version of Microsoft.

  4. DotBe4st says:

    I want to the see Founder’s house (Sorry, I forgot the names of the founders). I remember that someone said that Bill (Microsoft) had 21 kitchens 27 bathrooms and eight bedrooms or something like that. That’s .. boss.

  5. Jackie Chun says:

    Shut up…

  6. Cove MacDonald says:

    Woah dude chill out, S is next to D on your keyboard it was just a simple mistake, you don’t need to call them a bastard for it.

  7. BluePittbull666 says:

    google employees are just software engineers. nothing special about them.

  8. MsTrendy007 says:

    I m proud to be part of Google! :)

  9. Ooshama says:

    Computer Science mainly. Branches such as Software Engineering, Artifical Intelligence Etc.

  10. Datavia Thornhill says:


  11. Michael Tan says:

    why is it exaggerated on females? women? ://

  12. piggykamini says:

    @unlistedfusion first improve your english Bastard

  13. UnlistedFusion says:

    What degrees are requires to work there?

  14. Daniel Harper says:

    this is the cheesiest video I’ve ever seen, it makes me want to die.

  15. magickalcat83 says:

    OMG does any commenter think of anything aside from looks and sex? Rude much!

  16. andyharglesisfan15 says:

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  17. MsKoko144 says:

    it is the good management i suppose …

  18. flany1960 says:

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  19. LoonySeo says:

    Nothing is free, i dont think that google is that good like they are making it

  20. Jacob Santana says:

    Damn I would love to work at Google!

  21. jioboi says:

    good question, wait lemme google that

  22. CompleteMortal says:

    When do they work. I would just play with stuff all the time.

  23. karenz101box says:

    I don’t wonna be mean…but ALL of them are ugly!!

  24. RokuNoRaiden says:

    Damn her teeth are big!. Eeeewww.

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