An update on Google’s webmaster videos

Matt Cutts addresses a noted trend in his webmaster videos. See the infographic: Have a q…

18 thoughts on “An update on Google’s webmaster videos

  1. Matt, Mr. Cutts.. what video camera are you using for your videos, and what kind of “mic”? CLEAR video, and excellent sound. Would like to know 🙂 -Nathan

  2. and while you’re fooling around, fucking spammy websites from start to rank higher and higher after each idiot panda and penguin update. Keep up the “good” work. I’ll suggest all my friends to migrate to bing. What you’re doing is a shame to the whole SEO world. You want to make cars that drive themeselves, but you can’t spot the spam websites after more than 10 years of working on spam algorithms with your genius engineers

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