Analytics and Metrics: Advanced Social Media

Analytics and Metrics: Advanced Social Media
Event on 2013-06-21 13:00:00

Instructor: Sandeep Junnarkar

You’ve built a WordPress site and meticulously posted your research and analysis. You’re Tweeting up a storm. But is anyone actually reading and sharing your work? The first step in driving more traffic to your site is to get a better sense of the site’s current traffic. Where are visitors coming from? How long do they stay? What time of day draws the most visitors? What actionable steps can you take on Twitter to build an engaged following?

Armed with this info, you can begin to tweak your publication schedule, keywords and content to attract a greater number of visitors and keep them longer on your site. We’ll explore the following skills:

  • Embedding Google’s Analytics script to measure traffic
  • Analyzing when a visitor comes to the site and how long they stay
  • Distinguishing between new visitors and returning visitors
  • Determining the geographic source of the traffic
  • Distinguishing between SEO-driven traffic and Social Media-driven traffic
  • Measuring traffic and engagement via Twitter

Pre-session work: (coming soon)

at CUNY Graduate School of Journalism
219 W 40th Street
New York, United States

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