5 Replies to “Android 4.0 Tutorials – 3. The Activity and Starting Layouts”

  1. I have a dumb question. some how my stuff doesn’t come with it. I have to type it all in by hand like on stop on pause none of that loads the only thing it says when I open it is on create how do I fix it.

  2. Add the code before the last squiggly bracket by right clicking, choose “source – override/Implement Methods” then chose onStart (yes the code will start with “protected void” instead of “public void” and have a yellow triangle in the ouline window (fix them all in the end) next add on Resume, onPause,onStop,onDestroy then high light “protected void” click Ctrl+F and replace with “public void” remove all the comments manually the add the // Activity is visible and being used before onPause.

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