Android 4.1 Jelly Bean a sweet Android update – First Look New features large and small make Android 4.1 a notable update to an already great OS.
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20 thoughts on “Android 4.1 Jelly Bean a sweet Android update – First Look

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  2. can someone please tell me when is android 4.1 jelly bean going to be available for the samsung galaxy ace plus? Samsung has listed some devices which will run on this software and galaxy ace plus is one of them? Can someone please tell me when is it going to be available for upgrade?

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  5. I´ve had my Nexus since late December 2011, I think I was one of the first ever to get it in USA, I LUV my Nexus, it is AWSOME, many people ask me, what phone is that??? (to this date they ask me – even people with iphones), ….. BUT, the one thing I do complain about is the Battery, OMG I´ve had day where I have had to recharge it 4 or 5 times cuz battery is drained, sometimes, if I upload 6 to 8 pictures to fb, battery is consumed, …. can anybody tell what to do to increase battery usage???

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