Android 4.4 KitKat Updates, Moto G’s amazing value, Google’s next billion users – Android Weekly!

Android 4.4 KitKat Updates, Moto G's amazing value, Google's next billion users - Android Weekly!

Android 4.4 KitKat is coming to your device – but when? We discuss the Moto G’s amazing value proposition, Android 4.4 KitKat updates, Cynanogen’s upcoming p…
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25 Responses to Android 4.4 KitKat Updates, Moto G’s amazing value, Google’s next billion users – Android Weekly!

  1. Android Authority says:

    New video: *Android Weekly: Top Android news of the week* Enjoy by: +Jayce Broda 

  2. Mitchell Theobald says:

    yeah, google releases the 4.4 code and API’s, and then the OEM’s have to make a firmware for their device, code the drivers for each device into 4.4, skin and optimize, the list goes on, but it takes a long time, especially if you have multiple devices you are going to code for android 4.4

  3. TCKedza says:

    Only whot i want to knw will sony xperia t have 4.4 official updete of not. I don’t care about when it whill be i only want to know whill it have or not. plz help me whit this info. 

  4. Chaitanya Breed says:

    Android authority please find some information about the new samsung ativ fusion please please please! Beacuse it have 4GB RAM, A FULL HD DISPLAY 2.4 GHZ QUAD CORE CPU INTEL SILLVERMOUNT, WINDOW 8.1 AND S PEN LIKE NOTE 3 PLEASE. AND PLEASE REPLY. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND HELP

  5. VTREX2010 says:

    +sammyhtb AT&T has to approve the update first, before giving it the OK. Carriers tend to block updates for phones and sometimes not give it to the users. This is the reason why Verizon didn’t get the Nexus 5.

  6. ShawnieBoii21 says:

    Everyone STOP WHINING! You have to wait a few weeks for KitKat, while everyone else has to wait several months! If you can’t handle a few wimpy days, root your phone and shut the hell up.

  7. Nico Berrutti says:

    Jayce! hi! The Google Search update do not work on my tablet. (Note 10.1) and, im from argentina, so google search do not have “ok Google” option yet. Anyway, do you know how could i fix that problem?

  8. Filip Pesic says:

    I just love pure / stock Android. I don’t understand all the skins that every manufacturer has to put on every single device. I would even Note 3 flash to CM.. :O

  9. ipodko1 says:

    What is a better deal? Moto x or g? This is my first time hearing about the moto g and i was looking at getting the moto x? Am i heading in the right direction, or should I get the Moto g? By the way this would be my first phone!

  10. RobotPotato says:

    I finally got Cyanogenmod on my GS3. I’m a noob when it comes to installing roms and rooting. I was wondering when 4.4 comes out for Cyanogenmod, do I just update on the phone or do I need to hook my phone back to my computer?

  11. Henry Acklom says:

    Updated to 4.3 galaxy s3 official OTA in the UK and its terrible. The battery life drains soo fast with other issues and Samsung is still failing to come out publicly and acknowledge they messed up! What would you recommend for a rom to use GTI900, as the update from Samsung cannot be used as a daily driver, thanks

  12. Daniel yolomcswaggieswag says:

    Hey android authority, my nexus 4 has odd days every now and then where the battery life will drain almost a percentage per minute could you tell me why ? And also snapchat and omegle cause my phone to shut down when being used for long periods of time, could you also let me know about that ? Thanks alot :) 

  13. madvillian93 says:

    Note to self: never buy any other phone other than a nexus or iPhone. I hate waiting for updates. I’m using nova and a kitkat theme launcher thingy. Works pretty good.

  14. Dimitrios Cozmolici says:

    Why is android 4.4 so late for samsung devices … thats a dissapointment from samsung .. 

  15. Kamel Camel says:

    but I have a Nexus 7 and it hasn’t updated!!

  16. Michelle Hendrick says:

    I have a rooted galaxy s4 sch I-545 Verizon how can I get kit Kat 4.4 on my phone anyone have a link

  17. Varun Dewan says:

    Please don’t be Oppo or any other Chinese assholes!!!

  18. darkheat246 says:

    I call bs as my nexus 7 2013 USA wifi model still hasn’t received 4.4

  19. Adrian D. says:

    Is it hard to install cmgn on HTC one x with cmgn installer? Can it damage my device?

  20. Matthew Sharpe says:

    Hmm, still no update on my 2012 Nexus 7. Mind you I think the 4.3 update took nearly 2 weeks to arrive on my Nexus 7 too.

  21. Christopher Rogers says:

    Google messed up with this update in my opinion they dropped the ball. Have nexus 5 and still waiting for my nexus 7 2013 to get updated…. Shit is taking forever. 

  22. Sepehr Naserkhaki says:

    LIES…OTA for nexus devices aren’t actually out yet!

  23. Eisenstein Studios says:

    So, meaning that it’s getting rolled out, I’ll EVENTUALLY get it on my Nexus 10?

  24. ComicNerve says:

    I have N7 2013 and still no kitkat? Is that wierd?

  25. Russell Ridley says:

    Still waiting for the nexus 4 to get 4.4 this is getting ridiculous.

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