22 Replies to “Android 5.1.1 Released, Google Cell Service Incoming, Xperia Z4 Unveiled!”

  1. Archidroid 3.1 experimental (CM12.1, Android 5.1.1) is the ROM to run on SGS3, it’s almost there and is as fast or faster than KK now. It has been great for daily use and it should be final shortly. 🙂 See XDA forums. 🙂 Highly recommend it, Archi is a brilliant dev!

  2. I only got the 5.1 update yesterday and there is a .1 release already. How do we find out which Android wear watch is eligible for this update?, I have the Asus ZenWatch and I would like to know if my hardware supports wifi always on. 

  3. Record 4k on my phone if able to? Yea if I have like 1TB of space on my phone. I will just stick with 1080p even 1080 already take a lot of space, 4k?go figure. 

  4. Hi any chance u could talk me through how to root my xperia z3 iv done everything iv read on forums but wen i type in oem on the command prompt i just get file not found or drivers not found iv downloaded everything i need to. 

  5. I’m having a SGS3 with model no. SC06D..which is no longer supported by official CyanogenMod team. I’m enjoying 4.1 still..please suggest me any stable rom..i tried alot got nothing. It would be great help..please.

  6. Sorry about that but your information is wrong! At 4:02 it is confirmed by LG and google that most android wear devices now WILL support the wifi feature including the G WATCH R. I’m sorry but posting fake information? I was about to subscribe..

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