Android App Helps You Stop Drinking Alcohol

Fremont, Ca (PRWEB) April 08, 2015

Stopping addictions can be difficult, but a new Android app (HelpStop) by may be the answer when it comes to helping people help themselves. The HelpStop Android app is designed to help people stop drinking alcohol, by providing them with a constant opportunity to remember why they want to stop drinking and what kinds of alternatives they have. Since most people have their phones with them all the time, using those phones to help people live better lives is the logical next step.

With HelpStop, the user can create reminders that are tailored to them and why they want to quit drinking. These reminders can be very personal and individual, and work better than generic reminders that might not apply to everyone. Only the person who is drinking knows why, and knows what will make them want to stop.

There are three Risk Levels (Blue, Orange, Red). The user can set the Risk Level to Blue when the desire to drink is low, Orange when the desire is moderate, and Red when the risk of drinking is high. When set to Orange or Red the phone will periodically chime, vibrate and display a reminder. The higher the risk level the more frequently the reminders are displayed. The “High Risk” (Red) button, when pressed, will send a text message to one or more of the preselected contacts letting them know the user is struggling. The default message sent is “Please call me”. The message can be changed to whatever the user likes in the HelpStop settings screen.

Users can also create lists of alternatives that will give them suggestions for what they would rather do (or can do) instead of drinking. Again, these are personalized, only seen by the user, and can be anything they find valuable or significant in their life. Whether they have three alternatives or 30, they can use those options to find something else to do when they have a craving for alcohol.

Another unique feature of HelpStop is the ability for users to send text messages to themselves. They can create any kind of messages they want, and the more helpful, creative, and supportive, the better. The app will deliver one of these text messages to the user once per day, to help keep them on track.

In addition to the user-customizable features, the HelpStop app has 100 positive and encouraging quotes built right in. Each month, the app automatically downloads new ones, to keep the encouragement fresh and thoughtful.

If users want to connect with others and encourage them, they can share their reminders, alternatives, text messages, and excuses with the HelpStop community. By joining that community, they can also choose from these selections that have been added by others, if they find something particularly helpful or inspiring. This can make it easier for them to resist alcohol and stop drinking, even if they have a hard time coming up with their own alternatives or messages.

With dedication and perseverance, it is possible to stop drinking. HelpStop can be an important part of that journey.

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HelpStop is available in the Google Play Store

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