Android Custom Roms

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15 Responses to Android Custom Roms

  1. egsir95 says:

    Yes! Its becoming more and more popular as mor android phones are released. I’ve been contemplating rooting my Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus devices.

  2. Stefan Bradley says:

    how do i stop using roms and switch back to touchwiz?

  3. ntaylor97 says:

    Would be nice, but I already know AND I don’t want qbking77 to lose his following

  4. mcarrasco85 says:

    yes I would love to know how to get the best out of my S3 :)

  5. KSKSKS03 says:

    yes do it

  6. DoPeoYFresH9440 says:


  7. yaotly1 says:

    I like to learn how to ROM about 3 years ago.

  8. Ahseyo says:

    Come on and get the show started :)

  9. TheRabbitSpeedy00 says:

    please do it !!!! :)

  10. foley834 says:

    Hurry up and start making them lol

  11. MrRichieisnice says:

    Yes! Please do it!

  12. kylemoney01 says:

    All of that stuff in one vid do it!

  13. acarreon83 says:

    I have Verizon gs3, I would love to get it rooted to install jelly bean. So I’m for more information on this topic.

  14. fabian nolastname says:

    I went back to stock, after installing like ten different roms, every ROM had one or serval issues.

  15. Marco Laubsch says:

    more rom’s:

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