Android Founder Departs Google, Continuing Executive Shakeup

Android Founder Departs Google, Continuing Executive Shakeup
Rubin confirmed the news in The Wall Street Journal Friday, stating that he was leaving Google because he wanted to start something on his own. Rubin, who co-founded Android, joined Google in 2005 after the company acquired the mobile operating …
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Google's expected 0bn cash pile prompts call for dividends
That's a problem for shareholders, the Bernstein Research analyst wrote in a note to investors Friday, because they could earn higher returns elsewhere. He would like the company to return some of the cash. Google has argued that it needs lots of cash …
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Google execs' guide on attracting 'smart creatives'
Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg help run Google, one of the world's best-known, most successful — and most controversial — companies. They've just published a new book, “How Google Works,” a guide to managing what they call “smart creatives,” …
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