Android – Google Nexus 4 Review!

Today I have my final review of the LG Nexus 4. Get social!!: Twitter: Google+: Instagram: Facebook:

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15 Responses to Android – Google Nexus 4 Review!

  1. XTJ2FastX says:

    How is the Google search bar excluded at 2:34?? Please tell me!

  2. galihpa says:

    I think you should have an extended cover for this phone, just in case you drop it so it won’t break apart

  3. lonelyhornetTV says:

    Have you left Relishmole? You are very inactive, I need an answer. Thanks

  4. lonelyhornetTV says:

    Have you

  5. ayouthwellspent says:

    Did you make that intro yourself? Also, what font is that?

  6. acuratlnigga says:

    excellent video brother great job I love my Nexus 4

  7. Erick Contreras says:

    Honestly unless you are near a charger all the time. The slight speed advantage between AT&T’s LTE and HSPA+ is not worth the 2x battery drain.

  8. rjhblog says:

    I use premiere pro cs6! 😀 Thanks!

  9. Mohammed Amin says:

    the graphics looks awful , why ?

  10. CorruptVls says:

    Good video

  11. FlawlessGamingMedia says:

    What video editor do you use? Looks amazing!

  12. mikeyduncanxx1 says:

    Oh so theres some lag. I thought there would be no lag but i take it there is some lag-sadly.

  13. ajlunis1 says:

    Dog bark? xD

  14. mtpflyers says:

    DAMN.. Great Video bro… I hear legit LTE knocking for this.. I hope so..

  15. rjhblog says:

    Thanks bro! and yeah, it’s intensely amazing. hahaha

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