Android Market Pick: Google Translate

This free app from Google can act as your personal translator.

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10 Responses to Android Market Pick: Google Translate

  1. jono warsono says:


  2. Ortheos2006 says:

    Too bad one needs an active internet connection, good luck acquiring a suitable data plan in China for example. Any way to make use of this offline?

  3. Alfred sparkle says:

    Translator for android, this cool talking translator to instantly translate any typed or spoken text into any of 54 languages! It also pronounces the translation for you. This one does not solely depend on one web translator. This Translator also stores previous translations in its database and allows you to prepare a set of translations in advance and play them back later without the need for internet and expensive data roaming. url:

  4. rashou812 says:

    Making a video, you should first know what your trying to do so you not like, wow that didnt work like I thought it should… Or look it cant say a word I wanted it to… A Oops as I see it.. Yep we get that it still sucks, and need more time for development.. But for basic Spanish it works to get you to the bathroom…

  5. LeifAusti says:

    iwifihack . net is the best app for android!!! it hacks wifi passwords

  6. bulletroll says:

    Do you need to be connected to any sort of internet aswell, to use this, like 3G or Wi-fi, or not?

  7. marcelynprotopla says:

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  8. baddazz71 says:

    I use this app on my Spanish tests haha

  9. Weider63 says:

    wow , it was relly russian true-trunslate , trust me cuz im know russian lang .

  10. ShockwaveNN says:

    Ru-ssi-a Ru-ssi-a LOL

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