Android – Nexus 4 Unboxing and Tour!

today I unbox the Nexus 4! Cheap Micro Sim cutter!! Get social!!: Twitter: Google+: Instagram: Facebook: Music by Lone Ranger – Nexus 4 Unboxing and Tour! Nexus 4 Unboxing and Tour! Nexus 4 Unboxing and Tour! Nexus 4 Unboxing and Tour!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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22 Responses to Android – Nexus 4 Unboxing and Tour!

  1. technobuzzing says:

    after watching some of your videos i’m glued to your channel. awesome videos bro, keep it UP. :)

  2. ParadoxPlays says:

    Great phone, great video

  3. Ali Shery says:

    brilliant quality mate !!!! keep it up 

  4. Moon Spector says:

    oh shit I just feel like a complete dumb ass right now the 2nd time I read it I was like ooooooooooohhhhh.. but thats funny you say that I remember one interview where Steve was all mad about android just remembered that

  5. Orest Pap says:

    great phone. Definitely in the top 5 of 2013.

  6. rjhblog says:

    haha I know that, that’s why I said A quote steve jobs quoted.

  7. danieleranosi says:

    Very cool wow

  8. Moon Spector says:

    actually the person who first said that was pablo picasso if I am not mistaken

  9. BTechTalk says:

    Amazing! Loved it man 😀

  10. osxnexus says:

    Great vid!

  11. Isaac Pacheco says:

    The nexus 4 is very nice. I am not too excited about the storage… Cheers

  12. jacobWC15 says:

    Nice unboxing yo! Looking forward to more videos! Can’t wait till I get mine!

  13. ImaBiewer111 says:

    @rjhblog Even greater artists sue the people they steal from.

  14. rjhblog says:

    ohhh silly Evan :)

  15. SilentStormr says:

    its a box…..

  16. Evan Hirsh says:

    and im stuck with my Galaxy Nexus you lucky bitch.

  17. VlogTanner says:

    i know who steve jobs is ;). but yea.. i guess. the whole technology world is full of copies.

  18. rjhblog says:

    haha to quote a quote Steve Jobs (co-founder of Apple) said – “good artists copy, great artists steal”.

  19. rjhblog says:

    Richard* you* and thanks Karen :D

  20. rjhblog says:


  21. rjhblog says:

    thanks man, got another one tomorrow! 😀

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