Android Video

Android Video

Visit to see just how human YOU are. The video shows a meeting in Japan between research psychologist Dr. Robert Epstein and Repliee Q1, a beautiful and lifelike android. See “My Date With a Robot,” published in SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN MIND, June 2006, available free of charge at You can also get information there about Dr. Epstein’s recent book on artificial intelligence, PARSING THE TURING TEST PHILOSOPHICAL AND METHODOLOGICAL ISSUES IN THE QUEST FOR THE THINKING COMPUTER.
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    Super technologie

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  6. OmegalphaStudios says:

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  7. Digitizeddragon says:

    Its the outer limits, twilight zone, and terminator movies never happened. We need to start learning from our movies people. -_-

  8. ragey voodooo says:

    Looks like Japanese marathon runner Naoko Takahashi. So cute

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  13. MrOmegatronic says:

    As usual, Japan’s primary application for new technology is making a cute girl.

  14. mariot737ify says:

    Most Idiots call it a robot

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  17. astroboymetrocty says:

    Ela é linda e realmente foi muito bem projetada… Sera q ela eh capaz de correr e responder a perguntas feitas diretamente a ela? Queria uma androide pra mim tambm rsrsrsrs

  18. Jared Lopez says:

    first the androids and soon cell

  19. ajmomoho says:


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