ANDROID VPN (How-To Configure IPSec VPN) Part 1

This video series will show you how to use true IPSec connectivity on your ANDROID phone. For devices other than Samsung Captivate, you can use everything in this video, but you will need to get the tun.ko file for your device and change any file names of it in my scripts. Please watch the entire series before deciding to continue. I accept donations to support future developments of these videos to help others and give me a beer fund to make them with :). Click the link below if you would like to donate!!! XDA Link: forum.xda-developers.com DONATE WITH PAYPAL OR GOOGLE CHECKOUT HERE: www.mobiletechvideos.com Mobile Tech Videos Batch Files: www.mobiletechvideos.com Terminal Emulator: www.appbrain.com Gscript Lite: www.appbrain.com PART 2: www.youtube.com
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10 thoughts on “ANDROID VPN (How-To Configure IPSec VPN) Part 1

  1. …will this process still work on my android lgl45c (Net10)? i just got it like not even a week ago..and i dropped like $160 for this phone and for some reason, my phone cannot send text messages and one diagnosis (the only one i havent done) is to check my VPN settings..so i created one but its not connecting…please, im really technologically illiterate and i need help 🙁

  2. Can u please tell me were u learn all this stuff are u like a cputer programmer or do you work at the phone company or do ya just get reallly bord. And start changing configurations to see what happens? Lol

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