Anikim Credit Corp Is Offering Mortegage Net Branch Opportunities in Indiana For All Ambitious and Skilled Loan Officers and Brokers

(PRWEB) December 01, 2013

The state of Indiana in the United States of America has reportedly had a very high rate of unemployment compared to other states in America. This 8.4% rate of unemployment was rather higher than the total rate of unemployment in the country till the month of June or July, 2013. has come up with good news for all those qualified yet unemployed individuals in the lending industry who aspire to have a successful mortgage branch office of their own. is now offering the opportunity to apply to become a mortgage net branch in Indiana.

All the direct lenders who have partnered with the consulting company hold the current FNMA, HUD, FHLMC etc. financial approvals. offers a great opportunity to fill the gap between the lenders and the clients. In this process the mortgage net branch companies that are looking for top loan originators as well as those existing brokers looking move from broker to banker. For all those industry professionals who have worked under some or the other mortgage companies or financial services, can now be benefited and have the wonderful opportunity of working as a branch manager.

Not only will these mortgage net branches or branch offices have the opportunity of working with highly renowned direct lending companies that have been offering mortgage loans for years, and have immense recognition in this industry, but they will also get the proper support to grow in today’s lending environment. What aims at is to provide is the best mortgage recruiting service to the loan originators and brokers living in Indiana, and support them with every need that they may have.

This new opportunity will let the mortgage loan officers or existing mortgage branches who are currently unhappy with their current employment, now to have the opportunity of working with the best direct lenders in the country. All they require is that the loan officers have excellent communication skills, and a proven track record, which of course will be backed up by past production reports and W2’s. From fulfilling the requirement of branch licensing, to payroll services, and the account financing will be supported by the back office that will be provided by the banks. The firm’s recruiting process saves the time of the direct lenders finding top loan and interviews them for the new mortgage branch opportunities in Indiana.

SEO professionals have been hired to promote the new branch opportunities in Indiana and elsewhere. The mortgage consultants regularly post comments on various mortgage banking blog websites, and supplies them with information about the net branch opportunities available, and guides them on steps to qualify for one. The mortgage recruiting company is actively searching for those looking for mortgage net branch opportunities in all cities in Indiana, and partners them with the right lender. The consulting firm continues its expansion online and throughout the mortgage community looking for qualified candidates. To learn more about the recruiting firm, or the different services they provide, contact the company directly and talk directly to a company representative. To find out more about the recruiting and consulting company visit one of their Facebook pages here,

For those looking to gain more work experience by working as mortgage net branch, the mortgage recruiting firm provides a big opportunity, as the companies lending partners have a large amount of interest for finding the top loan originators. To discover more about the mortgage net branch opportunity then contact’s and they will submit the interest to their new lending partner.

About the company: was started after the mortgage crisis to help struggling loan officers and net branches find mortgage banks that were able to sustain through the tough times. Former founder of a large mortgage banking company Kevin Leonard from New World Mortgage, has many relationships with lenders and brokers throughout the county, and helps place mortgage loan officers with jobs and branch opportunities. The company also helps connect some of their banker clients sell closed mortgage loans with investor overlays to help clear warehouse lines for mortgage bankers.

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