Animal Biotechnology

Animal biotechnology encompasses a broad range of techniques for the genetic improvement of domesticated animal species including selective breeding, artific…
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  1. No, every human that is alive today and every human that has ever existed carries genes inherited from ancestral non-human animals. Hitlers SS not the Nazis experimented with eugenics which has nothing to do with transgenics.

  2. Are you sure? Bonobos also have sex to eleviate tensions within a wild type group. Juvenile male Dolphins have also been observed performing forced copulation with singled out female dolphins.

  3. No, it does not use actual scientific facts. Genetic engineering which is actually recombinant DNA technology or more appropriately called gene cloning by Molecular Biologists. The ligation of genes or sequences across species is called transgenics.

  4. wait, so most cow’s don’t get to have sex? what if cow’s much like people enjoy sex. this video is why i am no longer drinking milk or eating meat that is not organic/ grass fed. this video WAY over simplifies GE. check out “the future of Food” on netflicks, and they show you just how they “cut and paste” genes. it is just a fare to say that they pour the geans into a beaker, swish it around, then look to see if any of the new genes “stick” & what about evolution! (and sex!!!)

  5. -I’ll be using this video (along with others) for my animal rights and animal welfare class [], and it does indeed contain a lot of helpful information. Don’t assume, however, that it’s any less biased than the so-called “political activist type spin” you’re referring to. The idea that its supported by “actual scientific facts” and is therefore objective and neutral is problematic. You just think it’s unbiased because it reflects our *dominant* bias.

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