Anita Sarkeesian testimonial on Internet Marketing guru Alex Mandossian

This video was previously taken down from YouTube, so I am re-uploading it for the sake of posterity. In the video, Sarkeesian gives a testimonial about Mandossian, an Internet marketer who…

17 thoughts on “Anita Sarkeesian testimonial on Internet Marketing guru Alex Mandossian

  1. Ok this sends her “academic” credentials right out of the fucking window. Since when are academics interesed in creating businesses with shady telemarketers?.

  2. “Feminist Academic” LOL Anita Sarkeesian – Promoted teleseminars, gets everything about games wrong and only gives talks about internet harassment while playing the professional victim in public. Opinion discarded.

  3. She’s a con artist, fucking hilarious that she even hustled the media. That being said, I despise her for demonizing me for my hobby and I’m hispanic: not some white misogynist cellar dweller rapist like she’s been telling everybody in the mass media.

  4. So the way she describes it is… “Come to me and learn how to ask people, to come to you and teach them, how to teach others to do the same.” This is the pyramid scheme of fucking NOTHING. :DD

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