Announcing a Brand New Real Estate Investment Software Designed To Help Investors Automate Their Real Estate Business

Campbell, NY (PRWEB) November 30, 2013

Real estate investing can be a tedious process for any investor if they dont have the proper systems in place. From finding the deals, to getting them under contract and following through all the way to closing, without a powerful real estate investment software investors can find themselves struggling to keep up.

Thats why the creator and owner of, Cameron Dunlap, is so excited to be releasing iFlip 2.0 today. Dunlap has been a successful real estate investor and teacher for decades and has designed iFlip 2.0 so that all investors could decrease the amount of time spent managing their real estate business while increasing the number of deals done and the amount of profit made. He actively uses iFlip 2.0, so he knows that the system works and covers all of the bases.

When asked why iFlip is so powerful, Cameron stated, There are so many tools and features in iFlip, from the proprietary deal flow process and unlimited websites to the offer generator and social media syndication, weve really added everything an investor needs to automate and profit in their business.

iFlip 2.0 was designed to help real estate investors automate their business. Investors will be able to manage deals, buyers, lenders, rehabs, sellers, birddogs, contacts, emails, offers, and so much more easily. They can access their websites and account information from any device with a wireless connection and internet browser. This includes tablets and smart phones, too! Not only that, but buyers, sellers, and bird dogs can also view the websites on a smart phone or tablet.

Investors also have the ability to build and customize their own websites to generate leads. The website modules available currently are buyer, seller, bird dog, and lease option. iFlip 2.0 provides the tools to manage all of the leads as well. One can contact, follow-up, schedule tasks, keep track of progress and much more all within the system.

Kendall, a beta tester for iFlip 2.0 system, had this to say about her experience, With only a few clicks it was easy for me to advertise to potential leads, generate leads, setup autoresponders, send emails, follow-up, set task reminders, generate offers, place advertisements about properties for sale, contact potential buyers, send out direct mailings, and the list goes on. iFlip 2.0 has saved me so much time and money .

The number of features in iFlip 2.0 and the easy to navigate interface has made this system the most effective real estate investment software platform. The tutorial library and video explanations make it easy to learn how to use the system as well. Not only that, but there are free training on how to market to leads, generate leads, increase website SEO rankings, and more!

iFlip 2.0 has everything an investor needs to manage their real estate business, and its only $ 1.95 for a 30-day risk free trial. Visit and get started today.

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