Annoying Orange – The Hungry Games (Hunger Games SPOOF)

Annoying Orange - The Hungry Games (Hunger Games SPOOF)

There can only be one survivor in the kitchen arena! FREE version of my video game Kitchen Carnage: iTunes: Android: http:…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses to Annoying Orange – The Hungry Games (Hunger Games SPOOF)

  1. elizabeth brammer says:

    Me and my friend would think it wud be good to remake Harry potter and hulk x

  2. AnimalKaiser389 says:

    I like killing fruit with an explosion.

  3. Hiptaich Wayne says:

    You can download this movie now from

  4. SuperDaddytv says:

    ha ha great parody!

  5. toyboss12 says:

    the termnater

  6. José Angelo Domingues says:

    Do super games

  7. asham12351 says:

    do one direction

  8. mac hornsley says:

    the hunger games

  9. Connor French says:

    There already is one for Harry potter

  10. Mine Craft says:

    iron man 3

  11. Giant Enderman says:

    Annoying Orange vs Roblox

  12. wormald007 says:


  13. MrIncredible2293 says:

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  14. Manmuder says:


  15. megan pratt says:

    Your awsome

  16. Grayson LaBar says:

    i like killing fruit with a nuke….. :)

  17. Minecraft2Snowboard says:

    Spoof either the Hobbit or Harry Potter!

  18. Minecraft2Snowboard says:

    i want more!

  19. Christian Boyd says:

    am i the only Pear fan?

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