Annuity123 Allows The Financial Professional Community To Effectively Broadcast Their Virtual Voices Throughout The Expanding On-Line Community

Houston, TX (PRWEB) May 31, 2012

As the retirement community becomes more proficient and comfortable with using the internet to research their needs, it is becoming extremely important for financial professionals to have an effective on-line presence. The Annuity123 platform allows for advisors to not only have a physical presence within the on-line community from its advisor locator function, but it now also gives advisors a unique opportunity of allowing their virtual voices to be heard throughout this ever-growing community.

Annuity123’s core focus is to provide hope to individuals across America who worry about outliving their assets. In addition to educating these individuals about annuities, this website provides unique methods for these consumers to find a compatible financial professional to contact for further advice. They can sign up for Annuity Harmony which will result in an appropriate match to an advisor depending on answers that they both provide to a set of questions. Or, a consumer can simply enter their city and state in the advisor locator tool to see the locations and specialties of their local advisors. Now, the consumers who reference this website can become even more familiar with an advisor’s core beliefs and values by tracking their blog and article submissions in Annuity123’s blog section.

For advisors, this new service can result in receiving direct leads from prospective clients who are researching a similar topic on-line, plus it also is a fantastic way connect with potential clients on a more personal level prior to the first consultation.

Membership to Annuity123 is absolutely free of charge, and this posting service is complementary for its members. Any financial professional can become a member by simply complete a brief registration form on the Annuity123 website. Once registered, advisors can be found on advisor locator searches and they are free to submit their blog or article posts to the Annuity123 team. Upon review, an Annuity123 associate will then post each submission on the Annuity123 blog portal with customized SEO tags aimed at allowing the post to be seen by potential customers who are researching a related topic on-line.

About Annuity123

Annuity123 was designed to educate consumers across the country about the variety of and means to contractually guarantee lifetime income. The fear of outliving money doesnt have to be a burden. The purpose of this platform is not only to educate consumers about the importance of lifetime income and creating their own pension annuity, but also to provide easy access to the best retirement income and annuity specialists in the country. By first educating consumers and then matching them up with experts in their area for further advice, Annuity123 hopes to make a big impact in the retirement field. Annuity123 is owned by Annuity Think Tank, LLC.

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