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***READ DESCRIPTION*** I did not create this video, this is simply to spread knowledge. Please help spread truth and knowledge. Please take the time to further research this. For knowledge is power. *****Check out this channel for more videos on truth and knowledge.***** The following video talks about a very real and possibly scary technological advancement. What you take from this video and hopefully from others you’ve seen is up to you. But please hear me when i say, The main issue people studying nanotechnology states is “nanotechnology can be used to cure all forms of diseases and help create a safer healthier earth” What they dont say is that the same nanobot that enters your cells and brings certain necessities for healing or other purposes, could also bring toxins which could further dumb down the population, reduce fertility etc….. And that these are so small that even hospitals wouldnt detect them inside their government issued vaccines. Take from this what you will. ***IMPORTANT*** The following may be disturbing……….. This link leads to a video that talks about creating a nanobot exactly like the dna double helix. If they perfect this, they could literally REWRITE DNA!!!!!!!!!! You have been warned. We do not forgive We do not forget We are anonymous Government. Expect us

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  1. if any thing did ever happen, you wont even care, since you will be infected and programed to comply ? ( A NANO UTOPIA of the machine ) you will comply, becouse it’s all you know. . like a bird from the wild, put in a small cage, it flys around and hurts itself on the bars, becouse it only knows ( FREEDOM ). but if the same bird hatched from an egg in that cage, the bird would happly sit on his perch cherping away Happy, oblovious to all but the plain of the whole, the machine.

  2. We are people on this earth full of life made from god, Ofcourse we are gona be curious and want to know is the world ever gona end, and ofcourse the GOVERNMENT will be the first ppl to bring that nonence up! God did not make a GOVERNMENT ! God did not make money! And that is all the government wants!! is money! God made us! This world is not ruled over a bunch of Goldigger money hungry ppl CALLED the GOVERNMENT!

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