Anonymous – Can you stop an idea? – Truthloader

Anonymous - Can you stop an idea? - Truthloader

The story of Anonymous is really a clash between two organising structures – the network, and the hierarchy. For intelligence agencies like the FBI and for g…
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  1. Them VS the Federal Bureau of Investigation? FBI will run rings around every person that supports them, just like North Korean diplomacy, you speak out, you get kidnapped. But anonymous should not be allowed to edit or tamper with another person’s things. E.g. websites, businesses, groups and finally unauthorized access. Thus, would lead to imprisonment. I’m not for anonymous nor am I against them, but I think that going against federal companies is fucking stupidity.

  2. I’m sure there are no lies and no corruption within this group. Many forces or ideas begin with seemingly pure intentions. The corruption doesn’t usually come till later. Also, Guy Fawkes was arrested for trying to kill someone and then ended up committing suicide like a coward.. why use his mask?

  3. I like this video because it helps Anons understand what Anonymous is. I feel that Anonymous needs a video collection aimed at pointing out the fundamentals and belief of what is acceptable and what’s not. I feel that Anonymous today needs to also aim towards educating the masses as well as defend them.

  4. Can’t really see a bad thing in a group that is fighting against corruption and lies. The question would be : How much can be changed with this idea? Even if we imagine that it would succeed in exposing and eliminating 100% of today’s sickness- humans would once again replace those positions. Human nature will corrupt it again, over time – the only way you could try to control that “new system” would be through fear, which in the end isn’t reliable or stable…

  5. Violence is within the hand of the militia. If you do not wish to form a militia, if you are aware of your governments crimes and continue to ignore them, you are just as corrupt as the ones doing the corruption.

  6. Anonymous is helping spread libertarian socialist ideas which is pretty awesome I think those ideas will be popular if they are spread enough.

  7. Come on they do go to far at times,like they said their a network the original hacker that downed the anonymous mask may have been a good moral compass but not everyone cares about morels.

  8. if you feel that they are fighting an unjust government or person who you believe to be wrong they are good. for a non violent group they sure pack a punch

  9. Yes, because that has worked so great in the past. Do yourself a favor and wake up! There’s nothing to reclaim, the very foundation of government is corrupt, governments cannot be moral; governments cannot exist without force. People who still believe that governments work, have been indoctrinated like religious people.

  10. If they could destroy the idea, all that would be left is disjointed hackers doing who the hell knows what. At least the idea of Anonymous gives the hackers somewhat of a moral compass, the alternative would be even more chaos. 

  11. You cannot hold, touch or feel an idea.. We all live by ideas, therefore we’re all to be responsible and arrested for having that idea.. An idea is bulletproof and cannot be killed, it can only be completed and fulfilled. We are all anonymous.. 🙂

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