Another agritourism program sprouts up

Another agritourism program sprouts up
By JOYCE LOBECK – @YSJOYCELOBECK. Program schedule: The agritourism program developed by Yuma Visitors Bureau showcases Yuma's winter vegetable bounty. The schedule includes: • Farmer to Farmer technical tours for those with a background …
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Gun buyback program in Los Angles takes 2000 weapons off the streets
The LAPD's gun buyback program hands out grocery store gift cards to residents who voluntarily turn in firearms. To encourage participation, the department has a “no questions asked” policy. Residents received up to $ 100 for giving up their handguns …
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CCRS donates books to local literacy program
The Key Club, comprised of about 60 members, took on the book drive project after the club's faculty adviser, Steven Cross, noticed the literacy program, which his daughter takes part in, was experiencing a shortage of children's reading materials …
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