Antitrust Economics 2.0 – Lear Conference 2015

Antitrust Economics 2.0 – Lear Conference 2015
Event on 2015-06-25 09:00:00

The development of the Internet has affected all economic sectors: new markets have emerged and old markets have been transformed deeply. It has had a large impact on how people communicate, trade goods and services, and interact in their professional and social life. Issues that seemed settled in the “old economy”, have now to be looked at under a different light

Among the covered topics:
How can we deal with vertical restraints in the e-commerce? What are the competitive effects of platform parity pricing policies? Does the transparency brought about by the Internet foster competition or increase the risk of collusive behavior? What are the effects of new media on consumer welfare both in the short and in the long run? Is consumer surplus negatively affected by the concentration in the control over personal data?

The sixth edition of the Lear Conference will focus on how this influence is shaping the economic practice, the way firms compete and antitrust enforcement. The conference will cover a wide range of related topics, such as competition among electronic platforms, access to personal data, vertical restraints in e-commerce, competition in search engine market, and across-platform parity agreements, among others.

By bringing together a number of excellent speakers in the field, the Lear Conference 2015 will promote a thorough and lively discussion on these crucial topics.

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