Any SEO could damage your site as a spam site

Any SEO could damage your site as a spam site
I've always advised people not to worry about search engine optimization (SEO) with the explanation that it's the job of the search engine to optimize its performance — not yours. Over on SEOBook, there's a great article pointing out how Google is now …
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Ask An SEO Expert – Over-Optimization
In April, Google launched an algorithm update known as Penguin, which penalized websites that were “overly-optimized”. SEOs everywhere scrambled to figure out why sites were penalized and how those sites could find new life after Penguin. This has left …
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On-Site SEO: Going Back to Basics!
With much of the SEO sphere focusing on link-building and (to a lesser extent) social media metrics, it can become easy to place all efforts on off-site SEO while neglecting on-page factors. However, even the most impressive link profile or social …

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