App Design and Bot Building

App Design and Bot Building
Event on 2013-08-19 09:00:00

Funutation invites kids into the world of computer programming and engineering in a fun and exciting way. Tek Labs are offered at Funutation Tekademy LLC, 23715 Mercantile Rd, Suite 215, Beachwood, OH 44122. For more information, please call 216-378-9035 ext. 512 or click here to e-mail us

July 22 – 26
August 19 – 23 


9:00-11:45 am

Making Games for Android Phones – Advanced [Ages 12 – 15]
Participants will discover how to create complex Apps on a computer that appear on your Android phone as you build them. Participants will experience the basics of computer programming to design a landscape, learn basic animation, mix digital sounds, and make special effects such as explosions to be used in their apps. An Android is not required to take this camp as the games are developed on a computer.

Making an iPhone App [Ages 12 – 15]
This Tek lab will explore the process of creating iPhone apps. Experience the logical sequence of a computer program and how loops, variables, and constants are used in this sequence, learn how to save program data to a file, how to animate images based on a sprite sheet and how to make cross platform applications. Participants will acquire the skills of basic programming, digital animation, and digital sound mixing to create fun and exciting games on your device such as Super Mario. Bring an iPhone, if possible.


12:15 – 3:00 pm

Build a Soccerbot (Advanced) [Ages 13 – 15]
Build and take home your own robot. The robots can play soccer, kickball, race and defend positions. This Soccerbot can kick, move backwards and forward, turn right and left, and make a circle. Control the Robot with a wired-remote control unit. Participants will build Gears, connect motor, insert circuit board, and build its 6 legs. You'll be amazed at how fast it goes.

Jungle Robots (Beginner) [Ages 9 – 12]
Build & take home a Jungle Robot! Robot legs can be changed to make a gorilla, spider, centaur or monkey. It moves forward, backward or can swing across a clothes line. This robot is sound activated and moves by the clap of your hand.


Note: Supervised lunch is for campers attending a morning and afternoon session. Campers must provide their own snacks, lunch and beverages.

For more information, please call 216-378-9035 ext. 512 or click here to e-mail us

at Funutation Tekademy
23715 Mercantile Rd
Beachwood, United States

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