Appilicious App Development Sets out to conquer the Calendar Sharing market with Their New Plan4life Time Management Software

Austin, TX (PRWEB) May 23, 2014

Appilicious App Development Company is releasing a new calendar-sharing feature for their time management app called Plan4Life.” The digital scheduler is universally compatible for iPhone and iPad and syncs with iCal, Outlook, Yahoo Cal and others. The sharing feature is a huge step for the trajectory of the app that was just released in April of this year. With this addition, Plan4Life will reach a new and larger market of busy families and business professionals.

Appilicious, which is headquartered in downtown Austin, Texas, developed Plan4Life to stand out from its competitors. This was achieved by giving the user, for one low price, an impressive list of combined functions as a day planner, list creator, reminders tool, to-dos, money management section, and journaling. The new sharing feature has been in beta testing for two months with the University of Texas at Austin, McCombs School of Business. The app is being released in February to meet the demands of the market. Appilicious has stayed focused on implementing customer feedback and trends like sharing that allow all users with the app the opportunity to view their connected contacts calendars in seconds.

Although the idea of a shared calendar is still new to many people, Appilicious is approaching this feature like it would the more familiar format of a social network. The focus is on facilitating the ability of each user to connect to their friends and family in a new way, and thus utilizing their community to help reach goals.

Shared calendaring will have real benefits in a variety of day-to-day areas from entertainment and social events to business management, personal organization and family planning.

The benefits of the software being an app will allow people to have a focus point in their phone. This is where Appilicious sees people trading in their online share routine for the features of an intuitive mobile digital planner:

Appilicious is planning on changing the image of planning. Moving beyond the stagnant paper agenda of day planners of the past, seeing time management in broader terms to include financial tracking, family planning, and idea/inspiration recording. Appilicious crafted a unique app tailored for todays entrepreneurial inclined user. Plan4Life has been built to service user needs by utilizing the latest technology to make keeping a planner sensible and easy.

Plan4Life Daily Planner is now available for $ 8.99 in the USA and is priced accordingly in other regions. The app is available for download to your Apple iPad or iPhone with O.S 6.1 and above. The company is 100% committed to taking customer feedback to keep up with the unique demands of the marketplace.

Plan4Life App is developed by Appilicious, a mobile development company founded in 2010.


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