Apple Byte – Google Maps has come back to iOS!

Apple Byte - Google Maps has come back to iOS! The Apple TV is in early testing, more iPhone 5S rumors, and the new iMacs are coming to your doorstep.
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12 Responses to Apple Byte – Google Maps has come back to iOS!

  1. thebluray says:

    If Apple TV comes out we know staring price at three thousands dollars. I don’t think they will sell or make a good profit

  2. Nuke Plaines says:

    5:00 LOL Oxford human torture project.

  3. TheFinalCoreCOMPANY says:

    what if do not, what are you going to do, call the police ? dumbass

  4. BrEnNo1023 says:

    “Everyone’s allowed to use an apple service so long as they use it the way we want them to.” sounded almost like the richest and most morally bankrupt company in the world just now…

  5. BrEnNo1023 says:

    I cam imagine crApple hiring Xzibit to do the ad. “Yo dawg, I herd you liek apple tv…”

  6. sephiroth77416 says:

    EXACTLY! Thanks for proving my point! So why all the whining? Just shut up and stop arguing. You’re making yourself look like an idiot.

  7. TheFinalCoreCOMPANY says:

    he is “ALSO” expressing his opinions.

  8. sephiroth77416 says:

    He said something stupid and idiotic. if someone had said that I’m pretty sure I would because again, it’s a stupid and idiotic comment. Just bashing a brand that’s obviously the biggest company in the U.S.A. is obviously going to get hate. Get real, people are going to express their opinions and I think you have not been in the real world long enough to realize that. Stop talking if you think you’re making a difference.

  9. TheFinalCoreCOMPANY says:

    look now, why do you want people to shut up, he didn’t say anything harmful. If someone in the real world say something like that in the real world, will you come up to him and tell him to shut up ? and i am not a retard, maybe you are.

  10. sephiroth77416 says:

    Hahahaha, you are seriously funny to me. “Shut up”, just one thing to say until someone starts to lecture you about things he has no idea about. You sir, are a fucking retard. Read YouTube’s ToS.

  11. TheFinalCoreCOMPANY says:

    Idiots like you make internet a harmful place for many people. dude you may be making bad comments because there are no consequences but its sad to see that happen.

  12. asdfpearson says:

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