Apple iOS 6 Maps vs Google Navigation

I take a look at Android Google Navigation and Apple Maps in iOS6 as I drive through the city of Long Beach to see how both compare and what features both platforms have to offer. Sit back and enjoy the journey 😉 To get the latest on my work follow me on G+ or Twitter Google+ – Follow me on Twitter –

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17 Responses to Apple iOS 6 Maps vs Google Navigation

  1. Mahmoud Shaheen says:

    he make a comparison …. and wearing google t-shirt … lol :)

  2. b22chris says:

    Personally I wouldn’t drive a Toyota Camry if you payed me a weekly salary.

  3. Luis Nieves says:


  4. owen75 says:

    lol Pioneer blvd is my exit

  5. Robert Raw says:

    Apple Maps is in version 1.0 and Scot Forstal got fired for it’s shot comings, I am sure Johnny Ives will be making big improvements in Apple maps 2.0. I have to say though, Android Navigation looks pretty complete, I still wouldn’t use any android if you payed me a weekly salary

  6. Robert Raw says:

    Personally I wouldn’t use Android if you payed me a weekly salary.

  7. minyona7777 says:

    those navigations r free? also can u show how u use street vew?

  8. Josh M says:

    You kidding? The iPhone alone makes all phones look like plastic toys.

  9. 1superalex says:

    Omg I love both phones, if I could own an iPhone 5 and Nexus 4 both at once I would.

  10. Porsche Maniac says:

    More like Prius.

  11. Rahul Goyal says:

    iphone screen is so tiny!

  12. stuntlifemty says:

    otra batalla epica! -> watch?v=AEQccZFWijI #googlemapsvsapplemaps

  13. Daniel Forsberg says:

    *near. Not her.

  14. Daniel Forsberg says:

    The iPhone also have the feature of the screen turning on and off, only it’s not a setting, during navigation you just turn the screen off on the top button and the screen will light up when you get her a turn you’re supposed to make. And then the screen turns off again.

  15. Paulo Pavačić says:

    9:35 yes it is hard to see it on that tiny screen.

  16. Paulo Pavačić says:

    You can do that on google navigation too…

  17. TheGarvito says:

    Lol this guy is such a android fanboy. U can give ur voice to navigate for ios. Dipshit

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