Apple iOS vs. Google Android: Which Mobile OS do New Developers Need to Learn? Probably Both

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) September 25, 2012

In a September 2012 speech, Intel software chief Renee James addressed the future of app development and increasing developer revenue. James said that it is Intels goal to simplify app development across operating systems. While James was touting Intels new products and services, she did mention that simultaneous app development on Apple iOS and Google Android is already happening, just not enough.

Cross platform app development can make a developers job easier. App developers are able to make updates to simple mobile apps on multiple operating systems cutting down time and freeing up resources for more projects. Speaking about app relevancy James points out that, You have to continuously capture their attention or release a new version.”

The idea of cross platform development may just be catching on in the mainstream, but On the GoWARE is already teaching cross platform app development classes. Their Fast Track class is designed to show those with no experience in app development how to build cross platform apps using a system by Appcelerator called Titanium. For those looking for more in depth training in native app development On the GoWARE has classes for that too.

In a phone interview, Mike Newman, President of on the GoWARE, praised their Fast Track program saying, students come to us all the time with no programming experience whatsoever, and within 30 days we can teach them how to create basic apps for both Apple iOS and Google Android devices. Graduates of the class come away with the basic knowledge of world-class developer trainers and a completion certificate to back it up. This knowledge makes graduates more enticing to potential employers and puts them ahead of some industry veterans.

As the trend continues to move toward cross platform app development, there is no better time than now to start learning the trade, but classes like Fast Track fill up fast so sign up while the chance is still available. For more information or to enroll, visit On the GoWARE.

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