Apple Music Event 2001-The First Ever iPod Introduction

Here we see Steve Jobs introducing the very first iPod at a low key event in 2001. The rest is history.
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21 Responses to Apple Music Event 2001-The First Ever iPod Introduction

  1. Saul Castillo says:

    Look at that dinosaur

  2. Saul Castillo says:

    What is iphone

  3. WhiteWolfos says:

    Its in the magic of marketing. :)

  4. WhiteWolfos says:

    Yup, they just copied creative and removed some features which you later had to buy.

  5. David Cassidy says:

    Apple steals ideas and patient any idea they come up with yet other companies come up with better technology immediately after if not most likely had better technology before hand lol.

  6. David Cassidy says:

    Steve Jobs died because Apple died lol

  7. XLeonhart1982 says:

    Agree. Steve Jobs was the soul, heart and brains of Apple. Without him, the company it’s just an empty corpse.

  8. ZadoxGames says:

    without apple there were no ultrabooks and android phones! Respect to this man 😀

  9. Manha1036 says:

    I’m proud of the success this man created “apple”

  10. Nathan Persson says:

    holy shit, comic sans

  11. bloodspilla55 says:

    Steve Jobs didn’t do shit. He’s not an innovator in any way. All he does is hire innovators.

  12. iannickCZ says:

    ultra-portable you made my day Steve! (unfortunately this presentation is not complete and I wonder more practical usage, not only marketing speech). And comparing older apple events, audience was exceedingly silent….

  13. twiggypeerzingz says:

    That’s gigantic compared to the ipods now…

  14. Hernan Paredes says:

     Nice font

  15. 654mariofan says:

    And we thought 1000 songs and 5 gigabytes was remarkable. My 120GB iPod has nearly 3000 songs and isn’t even close to being full. Truly a revolutionary product.

  16. Hasin Raihan says:

    Awesome! I got a free iTunes Card Code and it was valid! If you want one go to freeitunesforever[d●t] com

  17. JohnnyV559 says:

    Those prices are outrageous I wouldn’t even pay 75$ for a iPod 4 gen LOL

  18. shariq hazard says:

    it’s 2001 lol 

  19. jman71ful says:

    Steve Jobs was the key to the future.

  20. PRIMEVAL543 says:

    You just saw the birth of all smartphones.

  21. Garrett Fuller says:

    R.I.P. Steve Jobs you are missed

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