apples and bananas song

A famous vowels song with apples and bananas for kids.

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25 Responses to apples and bananas song

  1. TiredOfTheGames1 says:

    These songs are epic fun put’s a smile on my face.

  2. Gameboygenius says:

    When I’m reading your comment, I’m thinking about a dictator of some kind. “MORE VOWELS! Make the children make MORE VOWELS! I don’t care about spelling, just bring me MORE VOWELS!”

  3. Muh Muhig says:

    wtf is this shit

  4. Nebelleben666 says:

    i shouldn`t have watched this high the memory will never leave me

  5. dgw0813 says:

    ilike to ite tte ite iples &bininies

  6. TeamTripleZero says:

    LOL, the fuck is a BA-NAY-NAY

  7. 0BEYx says:


  8. Lazor Jitsu says:

    I like too shit shit shit, and barnarnar.

  9. XPpanthertiger says:

    I’m gunna go play Amnesia the dark descent for some therapy now…

  10. tim103093 says:

    hahahahahaha….. sex

  11. myhappythoughts07 says:

    am i too young to know that this is a classic? i’m like 20 now, you know. 😐

  12. rob gordon says:

    Is this supposed to help our kids learn to be retards? Because while learning about your otes ates oos ees your mispelling every damn word wrong. Yeah Im gonna go to the boonk and doopoosit twee dollees, this is the future speech of the new generation lol…Thank goodness for vowels fuck spelling! All we care about is vowels damnnit! MORE VOWELS!

  13. Fatalityproduction says:

    balls and penises! OMG. WHAT ARE THEY TEACHING OUR CHILDREN! (im not an adult, but still) 

  14. CRAKIZGOOD says:

    0:26 i like to ate ayples and banaynays …. ????

  15. CunnininnuC says:

    i like to poop poop poop ooples and banoonoos

  16. Heliyum says:

    Well, forgive me if I trust you on face, rather than finding it myself.

  17. revrunnertech2772 says:

    The hooplakiztv has the people with sinister looks that’s way more horrifying than this.

  18. ronniemonnie says:

    It is a famous song… it’s a childhood classic.

  19. stephanie gomez says:

    this song is creepy as hell and it is wrong it means bannanas mean a dick and apples means ass

  20. MinecraftTripleKill says:


  21. celineberry says:

    I can’t believe that the description says this is a famous song…

  22. celineberry says:

    The biggest and purest waste of time in one’s life…

  23. TheMexicanPenguinXD says:


  24. tmanuel44 says:

    No wonder I never remembered the words to this song. It’s fucking gibberish.

  25. Grasping Light says:

    Soooo, what do you call this part of Youtube?

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