Apple's free apps take aim at Microsoft and Google

Apple's free apps take aim at Microsoft and Google
Until today, Apple's software agenda leaned more towards the Microsoft model — offer premium software and ask consumers to pay for it. But now, it leans more towards Google's — offering software for free (albeit without ads). Apple is betting that it …
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Is Google's Chrome OS headed to tablets?
Google's web-centric Chrome operating system (OS) was originally coded to run on laptops and desktops. However, it seems as if Chrome OS may be evolving into an operating system that could ultimately run on tablets, hybrids and convertible notebooks.
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Better view than courtside: Stanford basketball players don Google Glass
CrowdOptics analyzes where people point their mobile and wearable devices to identify activity hot spots, help people find their friends in a crown, and instantly connects Glass footage to Google Hangouts live video feeds. Attendees could point their …
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