Apple’s New iPhone Boasts a Multitude of New Features, but what did Smartphone Fans Really Want to See?

(PRWEB) September 13, 2012

With the historic Sept. 12 launch from tech giant Apple, tech fanatics and general consumers alike are weighing the features of the iPhone 5 and reflecting on the legacy of Steve Jobs. CEO Tim Cook confirmed the exponentially growing success of Apple, which boasts 380 stores in 12 countries and some 83 million Apple store visitors last quarter.

Highlights of the numerous new features include: 4-inch screen display with five rows of app icons, 4G LTE network compatibility, battery providing 225 hours on standby and eight hours in use, larger photos, high-def panorama photos, three microphones with noise-canceling earpiece, newly developed Ear Buds, and more.

With a price point of $ 770 when purchased without a carrier, the iPhone 5 is no small investment, which is why, the number one gadget insurer, provides iPhone coverage plans for US customers starting at $ 7.99 per month that include guaranteed 24 hour replacement and protection again loss and theft, and more.

As respondents confirmed in a survey conducted prior to the iPhone 5 announcement, almost two thirds (64%) of participants ranked the super fast mobile internet connection highest on a sliding scale[1], which asked smartphone fans to rank a host of innovative features in order of importance. Only one fourth (25%) of respondents rated Voice command features as important[1] smartphone innovations.

Mobile wallet technology, which allows smartphone users to make contactless payments for goods in shops, but which has provoked debate on the importance of mobile security and identity fraud, was only ranked as very important by 38% of those polled. Full statistics from the survey available below.

Stephen Ebbett, director of, comments: Given that data is king for smartphone users, its no surprise that mobile fans are most excited by super fast 4G connectivity which will significantly slash download times. And with data rinsing batteries, wireless charging capabilities built into smartphones is bound to have mass market appeal.

Voice command is one of those functions that sounds great, but the reality is that its probably quicker to run an internet or contact search manually, hence why its failed to instil much excitement in smartphone users.

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