Apple's Still A Better Value Than Google

Apple's Still A Better Value Than Google
Outside of Search, Google's products – Android, Google Docs – are bleeped." We have had the misfortune of having to use Android, Google Drive and Google Docs and needless to say Google's offerings in these categories fall short of its competitors. We …
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Google Lends A Hand For Our New Year's Resolutions
If spreadsheets are more your style, try one of several Google Docs templates, like this weekly meal planner. Find recipes for healthy meals and how-to-cook videos with apps like BBC's Good Food for Chrome or food channels like Show me the Curry on …
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Google Goes After Microsoft Office Users
by Mike on December 26, 2012. Google Goes After Microsoft Office Users. Google Documents has always been positioned as an alternative product to Microsoft Office and over the last few years, we've seen Google Docs expand its feature set. It's never …
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