Apples Unveils Not One, But Two iPhones

(PRWEB) September 26, 2013

Apple was expected to unveil its new iPhone, but instead unveiled two separate next-generation iPhones a first for Apple and the mobile device industry.

The reveal happened at an event at Apple’s headquarters, and was accompanied by an in-depth look at the features of each of the new phones, the iPhone 5S and its sibling the 5C, according to CNN (09.11.2013). The 5S is the successor to the current iPhone 5, while the 5C is a pared-down version that comes at a lower price tag.

The split in price tags will allow more consumers to become first-time owners of an iPhone, according to Chris Watson of EverSpark Interactive.

An iPhone has become a status symbol as well as a coveted device, said Watson, co-founder of marketing group Everspark Interactive. The 5C’s start at $ 99 with a contract, which means a whole new demographic can own them.

The difference visible at a glance, Watson says: the 5S, which starts at more than twice that price, comes in three metal tones while the candy-colored 5C is unapologetically plastic according to one Apple designer.

There’s no doubt the status will attach to the more expensive model, Watson said. You won’t catch a CEO checking a 5C at a board meeting.

But the devices share crucial advances, such as pairing a special motion processor, the M7 chip, alongside the first-ever 64-bit smartphone chip, the A7. The 5S has more than 200 new features, many of which are shared by its more economical cousin.

If you’re wondering whether every kid is going to beg their parents for a 5C, the answer is no, Watson said. But the more important question is whether high-end smartphones, and digital literacy, will reach a new audience.

Watson believes it will.

This removes a risk barrier in buying a smartphone, he said. More families will take the leap forward.

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