AppsBuilder Announces a Re-design and New Amazing Features

(PRWEB) February 12, 2013

The striking platform AppsBuilder – which allows users to create, manage and distribute apps – revamped its user interface and added a new set of features which will make the platform even more user-friendly and performing. Launched in April 2011 by young entrepreneurs Daniele Pelleri (27 years old) and Luigi Giglio (25 years old), the platform now allows users to easily customize their apps in all their features to make them stand out from the crowd. Users will now have a wider choice of settings to create truly professional-looking apps with the same user-friendly approach.

Following the update, the cloud based system makes native app and HTML5 WebApp development even faster and as smooth as ever for multiple platforms, from iOS to Android and Windows Phone 8. One of the greatest innovations is its full compatibility with Windows 8 which allows users to get apps published in the Windows Store, for which provides total support, handling the whole process for users.

On the whole, the optimization of the website both in content and design offers a better user experience, thanks to the precious feedback of over 400,000 registered developers, who create every month about 5,500 apps.

Over the last 6 months, has experienced a tremendous growth of downloads, increasing from 1.5 to 3.5 million. Racing to keep up this escalation, the optimized HTML5 WebApp will now allow users to configure their own custom DNS, thus removing AppsBuilder brand from the address bar so that every step of the app development will be associated with their own website.

Thanks to the redesigned backend, users will be guided step by step through the development process to create from the most basic applications to the most advanced ones in just a few clicks. Likewise, when starting their free trial, beginners will now be automatically guided through an easy and intuitive 4-step wizard to create their own app in 5 minutes. Users will always have the option to add new features to their app by logging into the panel and using advanced options. On the other hand, registered users will be able to choose whether to create new apps through the wizard or directly logging in to the platform.

“Basically, we would like our users to easily migrate their content into the mobile ecosystem through an easy-to-use and professional platform. Our task is to help those who want to develop mobile applications for reselling or for their own business. That’s why we have restyled the site including countless new features and offering best performances more than ever,” said Daniele Pelleri CEO and Co-founder of AppsBuilder. “We started up with the financial support of the two Angel Investors Massimiliano Magrini and Mario Mariani. Then, the 1.5 million funding recently raised by Vertis Venture and ZMV is now allowing us to go beyond the national market to expand everywhere abroad.”

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